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Lycée Le Rebours - Paris 13°

What's Le Rebours ?

Le Rebours senior high school and college offer a wide range of educational courses from secondary high school (both general and technological), to vocational training and higher education.Several hundred students prepare Higher National Diplomas (in many different fields such as business, management, marketing etc), Bacherlor's Degrees and Master's Degrees in accounting...


Two European sections were created and since then we have been trying to develop as many European projects as possible.We are fully aware that participating in European and international projects is a great opportunity for our pupils and students to broaden their horizons,both from a cultural and human point of view.


Making our pupils and students work on EU projects is obviously part of their education and will help them understand what it means to be EU citizens both at school and in their current and future daily lives, improve their language skills, their knowledge of the European Union and realize the EU is a leading economic and political power, a democracy and therefore a reality they have to understand, Each project is also a way to discover a European capital (whether it may be Dublin, Munich, London or Brussels)... and an opportunity to compare the different ways EU senior high schools and colleges prepare EU pupils and students to their professional lives and deal with pupils' and students' guidance in curriculum choices.

Every European or international project always enables us to share different experiences, points of view, knowledge,teaching approaches and techniques. Every international project is a way for pupils, students and teachers to embark upon a new linguistic project and reach new goals .It is always rewarding, challenging, stimulating and motivating. 
Since we really want to reinforce the European and international scope of our school, several languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese are taught at Le Rebours and we have been working on developing new teaching methods.
Our goal is to make our pupils fully aware that to work in the EU and in a more and more globalized world, having a good command of at least two European languages and Chinese is a requirement.

Our school and college are located in the 13 th district of Paris, usually called the City of Light (not even a stop away from what is called "La Placed'Italie", on the left bank). The Eiffel Tower can actually be seen from our premises. Le Rebours is a semi private school (a public-private entity) as teachers work for the national department of education and the administration works for OGEC(Organisme de Gestion de l'enseignement Catholique/The Managing Body of Catholic Schools).


There are over one thousand pupils and students in our school and college. They come from different social, socio-economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds.



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